About Us

With decades of experience custom made essay in public and private sectors, Tarrisson Consulting prides itself on its highly skilled and multi-disciplined professional workforce that is committed to exceeding our client’s expectation.Based in the Greater Washington D.C. metro area, we provide a portfolio of professional services uniquely designed to meet our clients’ needs. We specialize in auditing and audit support, accounting and financial management, internal control, enterprise risk management, tax preparation and advisory, and information technology solutions. Our extensive experience in private and public sectors, including the federal government and our client-centered approach boppy pillow cover babies r us enables us to work in partnership with our clients with the focus on achieving results.

Our goal as a professional firm is to provide our clients a portfolio of unsurpassed services. Our management team and workforce come with a unique background having being public accountants and consultants with leading accounting firms and private sector organizations, managers with Inspector General Offices, and senior managers in CFO offices. As a result of such a unique background, we are able to help our clients understand and address their respective challenges.